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Dhananjay Polymers (Waterboss) Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include hdpe round pipe, pp hdpe pipe, hdpe coil pipe and fabricated fittings. we are proud manufacturer of Agricultural HDPE  Water Pipes for our clients. They are extensively used to supply water and also for sewerage and sewage disposal.
Our HDPE pipes range implies less installers are demanded and those contracted can get the funneling introduced relatively quicker than iron or steel. Low weight likewise implies less expensive transport in light of the fact that the majority of transport businesses charge by weight.
Over the years of dedication, we have been a prestigious manufacturer of HDPE Water Pipe in the market.

What is the difference between PVC and HDPE Pipes?

HDPE is a natural gas-based thermoplastic, and PVC is a vinyl polymer. While they are both plastic products, HDPE is a more flexible and ductile pipe materia




HDPE water pipes are highly flexible, making them easy to install and handle during construction.

HDPE pipes are exceedingly durable and they can withstand various environmental conditions such as high temperatures, exposure to sunlight, and chemicals-related other impacts.

HDPE Round pipes are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, salts, etc., and can be laid in marshy and corrosive soils without any coating or cathode-based protection.

Since HDPE water Pipes are connected by butt welding and electro-fusion welding making them leak-roof

HDPE pipes are lighter than traditional piping materials, such as concrete or steel, etc. which make them easier to handle and transport during installation.

HDPE Coil pipes are not much expensive in fact, they are less expensive than traditional piping materials, which helps to reduce the overall cost of a piping project.

HDPE water pipes are made from recyclable material and are free from toxic chemicals which make them an environment-friendly choice for piping applications.

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HDPE water pipes are known for their flexibility, toughness and chemical resistance. PE pipes have excellent ductility and toughness, can withstand large pressure changes. These performance characteristics make PE pipes the best choice for dynamic soil and earthquake prone areas that require rugged, durable and corrosion-resistant piping that is flexible enough to be installed and assembled in harsh and challenging environments.

Due to the use of 100% original raw materials, we guarantee that all pipes and fittings delivered to our customers comply with the ISO4427 standard or other relevant international standards. For all HDPE round pipes, all pipe fittings, we can provide 20 years of warranty for normal use.

HDPE stands for high density polyethylene (still called PE), is made of ethylene, which come from crude oil or natural gas. HDPE water pipes are extremely rugged and offer extreme durability, flexibility, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.

PE pipes can transmit drinking water, wastewater, chemicals and compressed gases.

All pipes are joined by the hot melt process. The joints form a solid and leak-free piping network with the rest of the tubing. The "allowable water leakage" rate of the HDPE pipe is zero, which is as high as 10% for other types of pipeline.

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