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MDPE Pipe Manufacturer

Dhananjay Polymer(Waterboss) is a Rajkot based manufacturing company that produces pipes, like MDPE pipe. This is a water pipe used for delivering water in homes and commercial establishments. The recyclable Medium Density Polyethylene pipe can supply water at high pressure. Customers can buy this durable and seamless plastic pipe in size they need for creating a pipeline in new building or replacing the old pipeline with MDPE pipe. This pipe can be easily undergrounded without worrying about any damage or deterioration in quality. This pipe can resist crack and shock. Changes in temperature wont harm the quality of this pipe, Multiple pipe fittings can be used for the installation of the pipeline. It can be custom made mdpe pipe according to customer requirements.
mdpe pipe compression fittings



MDPE pipes are designed to be used for the long term and are super easy to install.

The MDPE pipes are also flexible too, which means you can easily bend them without causing any damage or breaking. Installation of MDPE pipes is easy as you don’t require any kind of complicated tools.

MDPE can be used outdoors and indoors. MDPE pipes are designed to withstand changes in temperature. The water will not freeze inside the pipes, even during heavy winters.

Although the cost of buying MDPE is a bit higher than that of ordinary pipes, but in the long run, you will find that MDPE pipe price comes to be very affordable as these pipes are long lasting.

There are certain types of pipes that are not ideal for delivering water from the mains due to their vulnerability to cracks and shocks.

If you look at the bigger picture, the labour cost will be reduced due to its ease of installation.

If you look at the bigger picture, the labour cost will be reduced due to its ease of installation.

Product Range

Split Compression Pipe Fitting

The MDPE system is designed for coldwater applications only.


You will first need to insert the pipe liner into the pipe (this might be a tight fit and may require a hammer to tap it in gently).

You will then need to loosen the nut on the fitting and push the pipe in as far as it can go and then tighten the nut back up on the fitting.

The MDPE fittings have been tested to 16 bars and the pipe has been tested to 12 bars.


No hot water should be passed through the system as it is designed for cold water only.

If possible then the system should be installed away from any hot pipe work as it will start to affect the performance of the system with temperatures as little as 30°c.

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